Developing the ability to engage, influence and communicate clearly with both colleagues and clients is a key soft skill for business success.

Our two online courses go beyond superficial confidence hacks and helps individuals and teams overcome common barriers to effective communication.

  • Get Confidence Course : The foundation for authentic engagement

  • Presentation Skills Course : Learn tools to excel as a communicator

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Learn using tried and tested tools

This course material has been in use for over 17 years in the business, health, education and charity sectors both in the UK and internationally. Thousands of individuals have already benefited from the material, have been able to apply it and build a life they love.

It’s from this proven track record that this online course has been designed and built. So that you can now learn from anywhere, using any device at a pace that suits you.

“I’ve seen breakthrough within weeks of colleagues completing this course and putting it into practice. Huge growth in engagement, influence and results from their presentations.”

Philip Allen (L&D Practitioner)

“Once you discover authentic confidence you want everyone to have that same gift. It’s no longer about what I say to my audience, it’s about who I am that is powerful”

Bev Van Der Walt (Zoe Life, South Africa)

“Confidence is an integral skill to living life. When you understand your identity, your confidence is no longer based on what you do, but rather on who you are - it’s a big mindshift.”

Tracey Thompson (Project Manager, Zoe Life, South Africa)

Watch Philip's Story

Hear how this L&D practitioner changed his belief systems

Go deeper

Challenge your own belief systems, attitudes and behaviours and establish genuine confidence in your life.

  • Get rock-solid confidence

    Don't be defined by your success or failure, learn how to reshape your internal world and build rock-solid confidence as a foundation to grow your external world.

  • Overcome self-doubt

    Understand the roots of destructive thought patterns and equip yourself with tools to consistently overcome them, so you can move forward in life with security.

  • Present to influence

    Learn the key elements to present any material to any audience using your natural talents.

Libby Hammond

Course founder & confidence coach

Libby Hammond comes from a background in staff development, training, management and public speaking. For over 17 years she has delivered masterclasses and workshops on public speaking, presentation and interpersonal skills for a wide range of organisations and also tailored individual mentoring. She has worked nationally and internationally, and for both the public and private sectors.
Photo of Libby hammond, Course founder and confidence coach

What makes this course so special?

The Get Confidence Course + Presentation Skills Course go beyond superficial communication tactics, and enables you to challenge deeper belief systems, attitudes and behaviours. Going deeper gives you greater self-awareness, and by understanding and accepting who you are, a freedom to be yourself and build a foundation for rock-solid confidence that allows you to present any material to any audience.

Once you have that authentic confidence you’ll speak, communicate and engage with others effectively. You’ll influence the world around you from your natural self, comfortable in your own skin, and those destructive patterns of self-talk will be a thing of the past.

Confidence is a vital skill for everyone to learn in life and business, without it we struggle to engage others, build trust and influence change. Sometimes just having a small amount of confidence can make all the difference to the direction your life takes. It is confidence that enables you to go for that job you saw advertised, to handle an awkward situation with someone in your team or simply to join a gym. You will see great benefits as you put real confidence into action. It will impact positively in the flow of life -benefiting both you and the world around you.

The lessons are mind-shifting and tools that will not only help you, but will teach you to value all relationships in your world. You’ll discover how to see beyond the masks that many of us wear, and learn to engage with people in a way that you naturally influence them from your core passions.

The lessons in this course are tried and tested for over 15 years, used by people from all walks of life. CEOs, teachers, managers, charity workers, school children and many more. It’s always our greatest joy to hear and see individuals discover the freedom of authentic confidence. It’d be our absolute joy to help you too.

Don't let unstable confidence hold you back anymore

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