Why does confidence matter?

For individuals, poor self-confidence impacts on social and community engagement, and most importantly, it affects our ability to influence others to create positive outcomes.

It is confidence that enables you to go for that job you saw advertised, to handle a difficult situation with someone in your team or simply to start a new endeavour. You can see great benefits as you put confidence into action. It will impact positively in the flow of life - benefitting both you and others around you. In the world of work, a lack of confidence leads to employee disengagement, poor interpersonal relationships, staff attrition, challenges in winning new customers.

Michael's Story

He thought confidence was something that only some people were gifted with

What does it take to experience a confident life?

We need to discover authentic confidence

To grow and develop confidence we need to know what is at the root of authentic confidence, understand the reasons why we can experience lack of confidence, and use the tools in this course to embed a rock solid confidence within ourselves. Taking time out to invest in the exercises and practical tools in this course will enable you to be more confident in the way you live, with the people you meet and the work that you do.

How has this course been developed?

The course is designed to give you a deeper understanding of your confidence, where this comes from, how it is weakened and how to strengthen it.

This course material has been in use for the past 15 years in the business, health, education and charity sectors both in the UK and internationally. Thousands of individuals have already benefited from the material and have been able to apply it to their lives. It’s with a proven track record and years of experience that this online course has been designed and built.

Libby Hammond comes from a background in staff development, training, management and public speaking. For over 17 years she has delivered masterclasses and workshops on public speaking, presentation and interpersonal skills for a wide range of organisations and also tailored individual mentoring.  She has worked nationally and internationally, and for both the public and private sectors.

Through her experience it was observed that 96%* of the individuals she worked with would describe their self-confidence as shaky; they may have competent confidence but were lacking real, authentic confidence.

Challenged by what she found Libby created a course to combat this issue. The approach goes deeper than superficial tactics and is designed to embed a rock-solid confidence in individuals who use the material.

Her passion is to see people discover authentic confidence so they can build a life they love, full of significance, influence and fulfilment.

*Based on feedback sheets

A snapshot of Libby's previous clients

Institue of Fundraising
Institute of Risk Management
Battersea Dog and Cats Home
Royal Bank Of Scotland
Britannic Asset
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